Director of Cybersecurity

Posted 18 January 2024
Job type Direct Hire
Contact NameDayna Corona

Job description


We are seeking a dedicated and experienced Cybersecurity leader who can use their advanced technical knowledge to develop and implement comprehensive IT operations and security risk management strategies across our global organization. The ideal candidate will have a passion for cybersecurity, as well as a proven track record of success in managing risk, outstanding problem-solving skills, and the ability to work collaboratively with senior executives and technical staff. This position requires deep technical knowledge, excellent communication, and the ability to think strategically to ensure the security of our valuable assets. We are looking for someone who is highly motivated, organized, and able to effectively manage a team while developing and executing risk management strategies and the drive to make a difference .


  • Reporting directly to the Chief Information Officer, you will lead and manage cybersecurity efforts across both Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) assets
  • Assist the CIO running a global IT enterprise with over 70 offices across the global 
  • This role is central to Tandem’s commitment to patient safety and the protection of sensitive data
  • The position will be responsible for the development and execution of a robust Cyber Security strategy
  • Responsibilities include leading incident response efforts, managing the security operations center, and ensuring compliance with relevant healthcare industry regulations
  • The Director, Cyber Security Operations will also be expected to provide visionary leadership to a team of IT professionals, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and innovation
  • Develop and run a 24/7 security operations center leveraging our global team
  • Overseeing cybersecurity audits, penetration tests and forensic IT investigations, ensuring that any outcomes are understood and applied
  • Direct incident response actions by investigating all cybersecurity incidents in a timely fashion in order to beat Crowdstrikes 1/10/60 model
  • Allocating the correct resources to ensure that staff are delivering secure solutions
  • Liaising with other senior level staff and the board to ensure that new systems align with the organization's overall security policies and data protection strategies
  • Ensure software development programs include security via a DEVSECOPS program
  • Ensuring that staff security training and compliance efforts are up to date, run annual training campaigns
  • Assist in preparing budgetary allocations and financial forecasts relating to cyber security and reporting
  • Assist in developing and maintain a comprehensive Threat Intelligence program to proactively identify and mitigate potential cyber threats
  • Monitor threat actors, analyze threat indicators, and provide actionable intelligence to enhance proactive defense and incident response capabilities
  • Collaborate with relevant teams to ensure timely identification and mitigation of vulnerabilities in systems, networks, and applications
  • Define and implement network security strategies and controls to protect the organization's network infrastructure from unauthorized access, data breaches, and network-based attacks
  • Collaborate with network engineering teams to ensure secure network design and configuration
  • Develop and implement data protection and privacy strategies, including encryption, data loss prevention (DLP) mechanisms, and privacy controls
  • Implement robust email protection measures, including email filtering, anti-phishing techniques, and email security awareness programs to minimize the risk of email-based attacks
  • Be familiar with cloud based and on premise reporting options as well as PowerBI and Tableau
  • Liaise with business lines to ensure reports met their requirements
  • Lead cross functional teams
  • Advise the CIO and senior leadership on IT, data and cybersecurity related items
  • Produce reports (monthly, quarterly and annually) highlighting status and activity of teams, visualizing complex IT systems and how they work

The ideal candidate should have:
  • 10 -15+ years of relevant experience in IT operations, cybersecurity with recent professional cross-functional team leadership/management experience
  • E5 MSFT Program experience
  • Cybersecurity client facing and consulting experience
  • Extensive experience in cyber defense & engineering as well as product security, with a focus on managing security programs in a leadership role
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to effectively collaborate with stakeholders at all levels of the organization
  • Thorough understanding of Information Security frameworks and best practices (e.g., PCI, CISP, SOX, ISO, NIST)
  • Presentation skills and the ability to present to internal C-Suit executives, stakeholders and clients is required
  • Additionally, the role requires familiarity with recent threats and adversarial techniques, as well as the ability to quickly understand complex environments
  • 4-year college degree, preferably in IT Security, Information Systems, Math, Physics or IT related fields


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